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a FREE WEEK-LONG unique summer day camp program for girls

What is Camp NAWIC

What is Camp NAWIC

What is Camp NAWIC


Camp NAWIC is a FREE weeklong unique summer day camp program for girls that will introduce them to exciting opportunities within the construction industry. Designed to offer real hands-on opportunities to learn the basics of construction including safety, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, concrete, soils testing, sheet metal, computer programs, and welding, the girls have an opportunity to learn from women role models in the industry. 

Each day of Camp the girls will focus on one skilled trade area taught by a seasoned instructor while on campus, or while visiting an industry partner. Campers will be challenged to learn skills they might not have never considered while having fun. 

Girls may decide to pursue additional skill training at a local technical college, apprenticeship program, or continue on a college path in engineering, architecture, construction management, or any other construction related major.

Campers receive their own personal protective equipment (PPE) and Camp t-shirts. Campers will take home completed projects made throughout the week of training.

The core purpose of NAWIC is to “enhance the success of women in the construction industry.” Camp NAWIC embodies this core purpose in the following ways:

· Provides a supportive and nurturing environment for middle & high school girls to explore and develop basic

skills in the areas of plumbing, masonry, welding, carpentry, electrical, and other specialty trades and general construction.

· Offers high school girls a gender neutral environment to learn and practice new skills without fear of being teased or isolated.

· Develops greater self-confidence and better self-esteem for girls who tackle challenging projects and successfully complete them. 

· Develops a safety first attitude and ‘we can do it’ mindset via the safety and history of women in construction seminars on the opening day of camp.

· Introduces the girls to women role models who have achieved success in all areas of construction. 

From tradeswomen to engineers, architects, accountants, project managers, superintendents, business owners, and clerical support, the girls learn there is room in the construction industry for their dreams too.

Prior to commencement of Camp, each girl will be required to undergo  safety training and pass a written examination. Emphasis on safety will continue with daily tailgate meetings for all participants.

If you have any questions concerning Camp NAWIC please do not hesitate to email the camp directors at

Volunteer and sponsorship opportunities available.


What is Camp NAWIC

What is Camp NAWIC


2018 marked the first year the the NAWIC Milwaukee Chapter #105 hosted Camp NAWIC. As this was our first year and we didn't know what kind of support or interest we would receive we limited the camp to 2 days and 10 girls.

Held at WRTP/BIG STEP, the girls received safety training in the morning followed by presentation of their PPE and explanation of each piece.

Following lunch chapter member Adirenne Carlson, and former member Laura Hause, spoke to the girls about the types of construction (plan & spec, retrofit, etc.) and their experiences in the industry.

Finally the girls were able to put their bird houses together and prep them for designing the next day.

2018 Sponsors

AGC of Greater Milwaukee

C.H. Coakley

Duwe Metal Products

Faith Technologies

Gilbane Construction

Ideal Builders

Iron Workers Local 8

J.H. Findorff 

Johnson Controls WI Market Team


S.P.E., Inc.



What is Camp NAWIC



2019 took our camp to a completely new level.



AGC (Associated General Contractors)

hosted our safety, PlanGrid and Pre-Construction presentations where the girls got to view working plans for the site tour at Children's Hospital later in the week.   

Tuesday morning took the girls to the Iron Workers workshop at Local 8 where they learned how to secure rebar, prepare and host & lift steel beams, and perform stick welding.

Tuesday afternoon the girls headed over to the Cement Mason's workshop where they learned how to pour concrete. 

Wednesday morning the girls headed to the Carpenters Training Institute where they heard from leaders of the North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters, toured their training institute then had an opportunity to build a basked from scratch.

Wednesday afternoon took them to the International Union of Painter and Allied Trades to perform some demo. 

Thursday morning the girls headed over to United Rentals Trench Safety to learn about heavy equipment operation and the many safety aspects of running the equipment. They toured their facility and had the opportunity to start up some Fluid Solutions equipment.

Thursday afternoon everything the girls had experienced up to that point was put into play as they got a sneak peek at the Children's Hospital job site. 

Friday morning the girls headed to their next to the last outing at Ozinga where they were taught how concrete is made. Following they headed over to WRTP/BIG STEP to learn of the opportunities and the great things that WRTP/BIG STEP is doing and how they might fit in to their program. 

Everything wrapped up Friday afternoon with a great luncheon.

2019 Sponsors

     AGC of Greater Milwaukee   

Best Ed  Business 

Boldt Construction   

C.G. Schmidt   

Carpenters Training Institute   

Cement Masons Union Hall   

Choose Bigger - PMC/SMCA (PMC   & SMACCA)

Duwe Metal Products   

Faith Technologies   

Hetzel San Fallippo   


Ideal Builders   

Iron Workers Local 8  

 J.H. Findorff & Son, Inc.   

JM Brennan, Inc.  

 Johnson Controls, Inc.   

Kiewit Corporation   

Lange Brothers Woodwork   

International Union of Painters & Allied Trades D.C. 7


Pieper Power/Pieper Electric/PPC Partners   

Plan Grid   

Riley Construction   

Ring & Du Chateau   

Safety Connections   

S P E, Inc.   

The Daily Reporter   

United Rentals Trench Safety